Like all insurance, there are limitations and exclusions that apply.

All coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance contract. Check your plan for details.

You must report and submit your claim immediately, or as soon as practicable, and prior to initiating repairs or replacement.

In order to receive the full benefit of Optiom Plus, you must maintain in full force valid collision and comprehensive coverage with your primary insurer.

If your vehicle is a total loss and is written off by your primary auto insurer, your Optiom Plus Total Loss Benefit will be applied first to the balance owing on your loan or lease, to the limits of the policy. Any residual amount shall then be applied towards the purchase of an equivalent model replacement vehicle. Please note that Optiom Plus does not cover additional amounts being advance in conjunction with your vehicle purchase that relate to all or a portion of other loans or coverages.

Optiom Plus is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. It is administered by Optiom Inc.

Important note for our Diminished Vehicle Value Benefit: There can only every be one claim for benefits per Vehicle VIN under the Diminished Vehicle Value Benefit, regardless of whether such as claim was made by you or a previous policyholder. If at the time of the event of a Total Loss you have already suffered a Partial Loss to Your Vehicle that is or was also covered by our Diminished Vehicle Value Optional Benefit coverage, then the amount paid by our Diminished Vehicle Value Optional Benefit will be deducted from the amount we pay under the Total Loss Benefit.