When Dreadful Isn’t Dreadful – A Testimonial

I utterly loathe phone calls to faceless places. You know what you get every single time: someone reads a script, they tell you exactly what some formula says you need to hear, and then you get frustrated. It’s awful knowing that someone hears you but that they aren’t listening. I seldom have experiences calling somewhere that rank as anything but “forgettable.”

Natasha at Optiom, on the other hand – that’s a person I’m not about to forget.

Hi. I’m Lynn.

I’ve always been a safe driver, but sometimes, accidents can happen to any driver – even the best of us. For me, that’s been the case not once but twice, and both times, I was treated to a human experience.

Poor, unappreciative customer service can turn me away from a business. I’m not alone – Forbes did a study on it. When you’re paying for something, be it a product or service, shouldn’t you be treated with some semblance of value? I’m more than my client number. A personalized experience and feeling that connection to another human being can make all the difference for me.

Both times, Natasha was incredible. I give her most of the credit, but some have to go to her employer. After all, she has to be pretty motivated to treat me as well as she did!

Among the slew of questions I threw her way (which she patiently answered), I asked her why she was so good at her job. I wanted to know what her motivation was. Aside from helping people, she told me her work environment met her needs. Optiom supported her so that she could support me. I’m really grateful for this.

We went through the claims process step by step, and she ensured I had all the support I needed.

Companies don’t make good experiences happen. People do. People like Natasha helped calm me after a traumatic experience and then got us through the vehicle replacement insurance process with ease and uncanny kindness.

She was so transparent with how we’d move forward. Before Optiom other experiences have made me feel like there was a pitfall just ahead: with Optiom, I have never felt like there were strings being pulled. I trusted her, and she proved worthy of that trust, following through on every single point she had ahead.

I was in two collisions. Neither were terrible experiences, thanks to Natasha. I tell my friends this, and they don’t even believe me! “Call Optiom, and you’ll believe,” I tell them. I really mean it.

I cannot recommend enough finding a Broker near you to learn more about Optiom. I feel secure because I drive with Optiom. And trust me – you will, too!

Right now is the perfect time to turbocharge your car insurance!

Request a no-obligation quote, or quickly find a broker near you.

Right now is the perfect time to turbocharge your car insurance!

Request a no-obligation quote, or quickly find a broker near you.

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