About Optiom

Dedicated to driving change

We believe that insurance for your vehicles can be better, that it can help you live your life with less worry. In Canada, where many drivers are under-insured (and don’t even know it), we exist to make that happen.

How? With a supplemental vehicle insurance product, providing incredible client support and education, fantastic broker resources, and a claims process that causes less stress, not more. Vehicles are getting harder to fix and more complex, but our vehicle replacement policies keep things simple. We provide the coverage you need, at an affordable price, for the lifestyle you want. We keep your life on track; it’s that simple.


Many Canadian drivers may be under-insured

As vehicles become more reliant on advanced technology, situations of unexpected write-offs are increasing, and the costs of even minor repairs are getting higher. Due to this, almost all standard insurance plans lack full coverage for the drivers they are meant to protect.

Optiom provides a more fulsome vehicle replacement insurance product for Canadian drivers. We go beyond standard insurance coverage & “Guaranteed Asset Protection” (GAP) products to give affected drivers, not only enough to cover what they may owe on their written-off vehicles, but to fully replace them at current market prices.

We have led our industry for more than 15 years, with over half a million policies sold and $300 million in replacement vehicles supplied with exceptional customer service.

We are here to make insurance easier, educate and inform drivers about their level of coverage, and “de-stress” the lives of Canadian drivers. We keep the wheels moving; figuratively and literally.

Policies that put you first

Whether your vehicle is new or used, we offer flexible payment options, coverage plans with enhanced benefits, and policy terms available for up to seven years. We’re here to help, and we’ve made it simple.


“I have been working with Optiom for 2 years now. I find the hands-on training amazing.”

“They provide great customer service for both the broker and the client. I had a client who had bought the partial loss deductible and they came into the office asking for help. I called Optiom, who were very fast and efficient in helping both me and the client with the claims process. I would recommend Optiom to any eligible clients.“ 

— Sarah G, Sidney, BC

"Over the past 5 years, we have been working directly with Optiom providing high-quality insurance policies."

"They not only accommodate us with their phenomenal product but also go above and beyond with broker training, broker assistance and customer service. We have been continuously impressed by the knowledge and assistance Optiom has always offered us. They have been a true pleasure to work so closely with and have made many positive impacts and relationships within our road department as well as throughout our entire company. We look forward to many more years working together.” 

—Kyla B, Nanaimo, BC 

“Our claims experience with Optiom was exceptional."

"An example was one where I was very involved, as it was a close friend going through an extra traumatic and high loss claim. My client ended up getting an even newer truck than he was supposed to. He had his accident in September 2019 and received a 2020 brand new off the lot. He was extra impressed with Optiom paying for the tax on the top up amount as well as getting to keep and transfer the policy to his new truck. Optiom really went above and beyond; they provided a lot of reassurance. I will continue to offer this product to my clients with confidence!”

—Kylee, Nanaimo, BC 

"As a broker offering Optiom since 2010, I have received many thank yous from my clients over the years with happy outcomes after experiencing total loss claims."

"The best stories are when they have forgotten about the coverage and are pleasantly surprised they are getting into a brand-new vehicle, five years later! I feel confident offering Optiom as I know they will always be very well taken care of should a claim arise!” 

—Ashley D, Nanaimo, BC

“I dealt with Optiom a number of times over the course of the past few weeks to process the insurance claim for my mother’s vehicle."

"In each interaction, Optiom was professional, knowledgeable, patient, friendly and helpful. As I am a business owner myself in the (IT) service industry, I have fairly high expectations for customer service and Optiom met/exceeded my expectations. As a consumer, I will complain if I receive poor service, and conversely, I believe in recognizing great service... and I would like to recognize Optiom for their excellent customer service through this process.”

—Ryan H, BC